Business Profile

ForFarmers is a feed company operating internationally and offering complete, innovative and sustainable feed solutions for livestock farming and organic livestock farming. ForFarmers works ‘For the Future of Farming’: for the continuity of the farming business and for a financially healthy sector that will play a sustainable role in society for many generations to come. In the Netherlands, ForFarmers has already been operational for over a hundred years. Since 2005, the Company has expanded its activities in Germany and Belgium through, amongst others, the takeover of Hendrix UTD, and in the United Kingdom through the takeover of BOCM PAULS, companies which also have a rich history that goes back to the end of the 19th century. Through this expansion of activities, a unique combination of knowledge and experience has been created, which is used to support farmers in the realisation of their business objectives. ForFarmers chooses to work side by side with customers and strategic partners. This leads to healthier livestock, greater efficiency and therefore better returns on the farm. This is achieved by offering customised and Total Feed solutions. The targeted approach is delivered by specialist expert advisors, who have access to innovative resources to monitor and analyse results.

In order to continuously raise knowledge, products and tools to a higher level, ForFarmers invests a lot in research. This is done by the ForFarmers Nutrition Innovation Centre (NIC). The NIC works, among other things, on improving the technical performance of feed, e.g. feed efficiency and optimal growth of the animal, and developing innovative nutritional solutions that contribute to good animal health.

The NIC also focuses on further development of sustainability of products and of livestock farming. This occurs in close cooperation with renowned research institutes, universities and strategic partners. 

ForFarmers employs 2,325 employees (FTEs) and has production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. The head office is based in Lochem (the Netherlands). In 2017, the Total Feed volume was 9.6 million tonnes, and the annual turnover amounted to € 2.2 billion. Gross profit was € 419.8 million.

Sustainable business

Due to population growth and increasing economic prosperity, the demand for animal protein such as meat, eggs and dairy products is expected to increase over the coming decades. The challenge is to produce this increasing amount of food sustainably and to minimise the use of raw materials and natural resources such as energy, land and water.

Given its position in the value chain, the feed industry plays an important role in making the production of meat, egg and dairy products sustainable. ForFarmers therefore considers sustainability to be an integral and unequivocal part of its business. It is ForFarmers’ ambition to stay ahead of the field in terms of sustainability in particular in terms of the use of raw materials, production, logistics, and development and supply of efficient feed solutions for healthy livestock. In this way, the Company intends to contribute to commercially profitable and sustainable food production.

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