Total Feed Business

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Farming businesses in Europe are growing and have to deal with increasing interest in sustainable production, food safety, and animal welfare.  Consequently, the need for feed solutions and on-farm support is ever changing.

Feed, advice and resources

ForFarmers has traditionally been successful in the development and production of compound feed and complementary feed for livestock farmers. The Company’s core business is to deliver innovative Total Feed solutions, comprising feed and other products, specialist advice and tools. With this Total Feed approach, ForFarmers can align products and advice throughout the entire production cycle on farm. This gives customers an all-round solution in line with their business objectives, feeding system and business circumstances. This in turn provides for a better return on farm, healthier animals, increased efficiency and a reduced workload for customers.

ForFarmers’ product portfolio comprises, amongst others, compound feed, feed for young animals and specialist feeds, moist co-products, individual raw materials, seeds and fertilisers.  Advisory services encompass all aspects relevant to customers, ranging from feed and livestock farming to business development. Tools include programmes, products and services that farmers can use to set business objectives, and monitor and benchmark results.

For some specific products—like premixes, specialities, additives and seeds—ForFarmers works with strategic partners that specialise in these products. For instance, ForFarmers’ has a strategic partnership with Nutreco for specialties such as feed for young animals, with Denkavit for calf milk replacer formulas, with Agrifirm for the purchase of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and seeds, and with Chr. Hansen for silage additives. As advisor on farm, ForFarmers has good—often long-standing—relationships with farmers, which is an advantage for strategic partners.