Vision, mission and core values


ForFarmers intends to be the leading feed company in the European market and neighbouring regions (Europe+). ForFarmers achieves this by offering cost-effective and sustainable Total Feed solutions to farmers so that they can produce high-quality meat, eggs and dairy products.


ForFarmers’ mission ‘For the Future of Farming’ demonstrates its confidence in the future of the agricultural sector. The Company makes every effort to ensure the continuity of the farming business. ForFarmers is convinced that it can contribute to a financially healthy agricultural sector.  This is a sector that offers opportunities for the long term and that will play a role in society for many generations to come. ForFarmers—as the European market leader in the feed industry—does not only have the chance, but also the obligation, to deliver a substantial contribution to a more efficient and sustainable production of meat, eggs and dairy.

Three pillars

ForFarmers works side by side with customers to realise the long-term success of individual farming businesses and that of the agricultural sector as a whole.  ForFarmers does so on the basis of three pillars:

Results: Targeted planning, monitoring and analysis of the results of the farming business.

Team:  Guidance from specialist expert advisors.

Products: Use of tailored and Total Feed solutions.

Core values

The following core values form the sustainable essence of the Company’s business culture.


ForFarmers continuously aims to improve and pursue results at an ever-higher level, both on farm and within its own organisation. This requires clear leadership and a perfectly attuned team. Recruiting, developing and retaining the best people and motivating them to perform increasingly better are all crucial aspects of this, as is giving trust and autonomy.


ForFarmers regards sustainability as an integral and natural part of its business. Acting responsibly with regard to the use of natural resources and scarce raw materials, reducing impact on the environment, and contributing to animal welfare are all logical outcomes of this. ForFarmers accordingly helps resolve sustainability issues that go hand-in-hand with producing more food for a growing world population. In its day-to-day work, ForFarmers has a long-term vision, based on trust and transparency. In this respect, the Company adheres to local rules and procedures and takes its environment into account.


The activities of ForFarmers are entirely focused on providing the best possible support to its customers.  Co-operation forms the basis for this, with customers and suppliers as well as with strategic partners in various sectors who—like ForFarmers—want to be part of the solution. In these relationships, sustainability also comes first.